Block Gameranger Ads Manual

  • 1. Open your Windows start menu, search for the notepad application and then right click the notepad icon.
  • 2. Choose "Run as administrator" and then, while inside notepad, browse to folder (/windows/system32/drivers/etc) that contains the hosts file.
  • 3. At the end of file paste this
  • 4. Save this file and restart GameRanger.

How and Why this was made?

Those were the days in 2012-2014 when I used to play Empire Earth with my friends on gameranger on a 2g mobile connection because my mom wouldn't just pay the internet bills.

Not a single game was playable with a "huge monster like MB" video loading into my gameranger room at 5KBPS creating lot of lag.

Furter I spent 3 weeks of research finding the proper domains that supply ads to gameranger via various tracking softwares.

Finally I ended up with a proper tracking software called dns query sniffer.

Here is the link DNS Query Sniffer