Empire Earth Civilizations

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Empire Earth Hotkeys

Mousescroll map
Mouse Left Button Clickselect something; click a button
Mouse Right Button Clickassign an action or task to selected item
Mouse Wheelzoom
Mouse (while holding Mouse Wheel Button)scroll map
Mouse Left Button Click (Hold and Drag)select multiple units
Mouse Left Button Double-Clickselect all units of the same type on screen
Ctrl + Mouse Left Button Clickselect multiple units individually
Up Arrow Keyscroll up
Down Arrow Keyscroll down
Left Arrow Keyscroll left
Right Arrow Keyscroll right
Right Bracket Keyzoom in
Left Bracket Keyzoom out
Period Keyfollow unit
F2 Keytoggle through perspective zoom modes
F5 Keytoggle through 3 show hidden units modes
F9 Keytake a screen shot with UI
Shift + F9 Keytake a screen shot without UI
Ctrl + F9 Keytake a low resolution screen shot of entire map
Alt + F9 Keytake a high resolution screen shot of entire map
Space Keymove to location of last player event (keep pressing to reviewthe queue of recent events)
Tab Keyidle citizen
Comma Keyidle military unit
A Keyidle atomic bomber
B Keyidle bomber
D Keyidle fighter/bomber
F Keyidle fighter
Ctrl + 1-9 Keycreate group #
Shift + 1-9 Keyadd selection to group #
Alt + 1-9 Keyselect and center group #
1-9 Keyselect group #
1-9 Key (twice)select and center group #
H Keyselect and center town center
Ctrl + A Keyselect and center archery range
Ctrl + B Keyselect and center barracks
Ctrl + C Keyselect and center siege factory
Ctrl + D Keyselect and center dock
Ctrl + F Keyselect and center tank factory
Ctrl + G Keyselect and center granary
Ctrl + I Keyselect and center missile base (campaigns only)
Ctrl + N Keyselect and center settlement
Ctrl + Q Keyselect and center airport
Ctrl + R Keyselect and center cyber factory
Ctrl + S Keyselect and center stable
Ctrl + V Keyselect and center naval yard
Ctrl + X Keyselect and center cyber lab
Ctrl + Y Keyselect and center temple
Numpad +Keyincrease game speed
Numpad -Keydecrease game speed
Esc Keycancels current input or action mode; exits cinematicsin scenarios
Enter Keychat
F1 Keyreturn to scenario editor (when in test mode)
F3 Keypause
F4 Keyquick save
Shift + F4 Keyquick load
Ctrl + F4 Keyauto save load
F10 Keyin-game options
F11 Keytoggle display of game clock; speed and frame rate
Alt + Fenter flare mode
page updisplay previous messages
Ctrl + Shift + Zall out "banzai" computer player attack - alliedcomputer players will assist you (single player only)
Ctrl + Alt + Zall out "banzai" computer player attack - alliedcomputer players will not assist you (single player only)
Shift Keyshow goal queue; add goal to queue (with other key)
B Keyunit behaviors
G Keygarrison; populate a building
L Keyexplore
M Keyformations
P Keystop
D Keyunload transport or fortress
Z Keypatrol (land military units only)
Del Keykill first selected unit
Shift + Del Keykill all selected units
Alt + A Keyaggressive
Alt + D Keydefensive (stand ground)
Alt + G Keyguard (guards a location)
Alt + S Keyscout
A Keybuild archery range or AA gun
B Keybuild barracks
C Keybuild siege factory
D Keybuild dock
E Keybuild house
F Keybuild tank factory
J Keybuild granary/farms
N Keybuild settlement
O Keybuild fortress
Q Keybuild airport
R Keybuild cyber factory
S Keybuild stable
T Keybuild tower
U Keybuild university
V Keybuild naval yard
W Keybuild wall
X Keybuild cyber lab
Y Keybuild temple
Z Keybuild hospital
C Keyconvert
A Keyplague
C Keyhurricane
E Keyearthquake
F Keyfirestorm
R Keymalaria
V Keyvolcano
A Keyanti-matter storm
R Keyresonator
E Keyteleport
T Keytime warp
V Keynano-virus
C Keyion pulse
R Keyrepair
S Keydiffraction shield
D Keyself-destruct
C Keyassimilate
D Keyunload
C Keybattle cry
I Keyset rally point
C Keycreate citizen
E Keytrain strategist hero
R Keytrain warrior hero
B Keyproduce spotting balloon
D Keytrain canine scout
A Keyresearch epoch advance
G Keyresearch gold mining technologies
N Keyresearch hunting/foraging technologies
S Keyresearch iron mining technologies
T Keyresearch stone mining technologies
U Keyresearch wall and tower upgrades
W Keyresearch wood cutting technologies
A Keytrain foot archers
C Keytrain chariot and cavalry archers
E Keytrain ranged spear throwers
F Keytrain elephant archer
X Keytrain crossbow man
A Keytrain ranged shock (gun) units and sampson
B Keytrain grenade launcher and bazooka
C Keytrain medics
D Keytrain elite guard
E Keytrain pierce (spear) units and flame thrower
F Keytrain hand cannoneer and mortars
G Keytrain machine gunner
N Keytrain barbarian
R Keytrain sharp-shooters and snipers
S Keytrain melee shock (sword) units and stinger soldier
T Keytrain partisan
V Keytrain viking
W Keytrain rock thrower
B Keybuild battleships
C Keybuild cruisers (anti-air)
D Keybuild frigates
F Keybuild fishing boats
G Keybuild galley/galleons
T Keybuild transports
C Keytrain shock (melee) cavalry
E Keytrain pierce (spear) cavalry
F Keytrain war elephant
G Keytrain gun cavalry
S Keytrain persian cavalry
A Keybuild anti-tank (AT) guns
B Keybuild artillery
C Keybuild siege weapons
E Keybuild field cannon
G Keybuild siege cannon
R Keybuild rams
S Keybuild field weapons (pre-gunpowder)
T Keybuild siege towers
C Keybuild aircraft carriers
G Keybuild sea kings (anti-sub)
S Keybuild attack submarines
T Keybuild nuclear-powered missile submarines
F Keybuild mobile AA units
S Keybuild armor-piercing (AP) tanks
T Keybuild high-explosive (HE) tanks
V Keyset atomic bomber rally point
X Keyset bomber / helicopter rally point
Z Keyset fighter rally point
A Keybuild atomic bombers
B Keybuild bombers
C Keybuild anti-tank (AT) helicopters
E Keybuild gunship helicopters
F Keybuild fighter/bombers
G Keybuild sea kings (anti-sub)
R Keybuild transport helicopters
S Keybuild fighters
T Keybuild anti-tank (AT) airplanes
F Keybuild fighter/bombers
A Keybuild ares cybers
C Keybuild pandora cybers
R Keybuild hyperion cybers
T Keybuild minotaur cybers
Z Keybuild zeus cybers
A Keybuild apollo cyber
D Keybuild hades cyber
E Keybuild poseidon cyber
F Keybuild furies cyber
T Keybuild tempest cyber
E Keytrain priest
R Keytrain prophet
A Keyresearch techs to increase temple ratings
B Keyresearch techs to allow conversion of buildings
C Keyresearch techs to allow conversion of priests
D Keyresearch techs to increase prophet speed
F Keyresearch techs to increase priest hit points
M Keyresearch techs to increase priest recharge rate
N Keyresearch techs to increase prophet range
P Keyresearch techs to increase prophet hit points
S Keyresearch techs to increase priest speed
T Keyresearch techs to increase priest range
B Keyresearch techs to increase building line of sight
F Keyresearch techs to increase building hit points
R Keyresearch techs to increase university range
S Keyresearch techs to increase rate of repair at dock
T Keyresearch techs to decrease cost of tributes
A Keyresearch techs to increase citizen attack and hit points
C Keyresearch techs to increase your pop cap
R Keyresearch techs to increase hospital healing rate
S Keyresearch techs to increase citizen speed
F Keyresearch techs to increase farming rate
R Keyreplant farms
G Keymake gate